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God is so good to us! 
We are thankful!
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I'm in Wpg https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/3/-i-m---i-n---w-p-g Long story but I flew to Wpg this morning and had some time with our son Mark so we went down to the The Forks to see if we could get some photos. It is a pretty happening place. Unfortunately the very strong winds kept us indoor..... and also kept David on the highways in whiteout conditions but he did make it safely for which I am thankful. 

Met Nick owner and chief cook at Bella Casa. mmmm It smelled so good there and Nick wanted to know what magazine we were shooting for. :) He gave Mark and I a free sample of his work and it was incredibly delicious. If you are ever at the Forks, head indoors and look for Casa Bella.


Mark chose the strawberry. I chose the lemon - decadence! 

Below is the upper opening to a teepee I wondered into to get out of the wind. I know nothing about teepees except there was no wind in there. 


I am reading a great photography book right now by David duChenin - a Canadian photographer of note!
So I am trying to master (figure out) people photography in public places..... this is Mark - an easy target. :)  Loaded with gear. Wish he was rich and we could travel to exotic places and photograph for hours on end. I am not getting any younger. :)



I have learned from David duChemin's book that the best approach is to engage people, get to know them and what they do and then ask permission. I found this came very naturally for me. Nick was more then happy to pose for us and talk about his great creations. And treat us!
Yeah! Success!

Nick takes his profession seriously. His food is not only delicious, but beautiful. Wish we had more time to photograph all his wonderful desserts. You can read about Cassa Bella at The Forks HERE
If I lived in the Peg, I would be down here every week!

This shot below was taken from the Assiniboine River just before it meets up with the Red. I took a similar photo last summer when the water was so high a boat almost didn't fit under the second bridge. Try to imagine that.  You can see that top water line. My only wish for this photo would have been to have a couple of kids playing hockey on the ice.
But I am loving this shot. Maybe it should have been my 365 for the day. But Nick was just so darn nice to us.

We are now parked in a hotel - a noisy one at that. It is filled with track students who finished competing at the U of M today..... so the celebrations are on tonight. Minimal sleep although it seems to have settled down now (1am)
We will see how the highways are tomorrow. Plan is to see Davids very unwell father tomorrow in Kenora Ontario and then head straight home for the arrival of our new grand daughter.
 Prayers for  a profitable time with Dave's Dad and for safety on the highways are appreciated if you feel so led. Also hoping that Eva's sister does not arrive until late Sunday. We still need to fit in a family portrait session before she comes.

I am looking forward to April. So far it is shaping up to be a very boring month. :)

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Any Day Now https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/3/-a-n-y---d-a-y---n-o-w We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Eva's baby sister. But I haven't had a chance to take any pregnancy photos or family photos. Tonight I was getting Eva's file of thousands of photos in order (before I have to start another file for her sister) and came across these photos.
This is Eva 3 days before she was born and moments after she was born.
We are all anxious to meet her sister.


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Girl Time https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/3/girls-time I had Eva most of the day today. It started with lunch out for the girls at Moxie's - Grandma's treat for Eva and her Mom.

 Waiting for dessert.
We splurged! 
and had so much fun!
Then Mom took off for 4 hrs of pampering at the spa and Grandma and Eva headed to Indigo where Grandma spent way too much on photography books..... WAY too much. 
Then it was off to Grandma's house where Eva learned to make snowballs with Grandma.
We also made a double batch of chicken tortilla soup! Fabulous! Sent some home for Eva's Daddy tonight. We danced, read our new books (Eva's, not Grandma's) and laughed at each other. We are so silly sometimes. :)
 I see so many glimpses of Eva's mommy in this very happy, content little girl. 
I wonder what her little sister will be like? :)
 Oh how we adore this little one!!
Grandpa - you missed a perfect day! And we missed you!
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Left Handed? https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/3/left-handed

 A Coop Cookie from the bakery!
 Ice Cream is always better with two spoons.
Rhiannon & Daniel Wedding - 712

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Grandma Bragging - I'm Allowed https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/3/miss-eva-just-keeps-impressing-us Miss Eva just keeps impressing us. Not only has she almost mastered the computer (sort of) but get this!! She drinks her milk from a cup without any spills now. Unless she spills it to finger paint on her tray. Which is on purpose and just shows she is smart and creative.
My, how she just impresses us more and more every day.  And really we are not just saying that because she is OUR grand daughter. Ask her Grandpa! or her Uncles!
She is here for a sleepover tonight....

This girl is serious about all things electronic... it is scary how much she knows. 
Anyone recognize that cup? Her mom drank out of it. :)
 Look Grandma! No hands!
Just pure sweetness!
And she knows it! Cause she is so smart. :)
With just a pinch of smarty pants!
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Blogging https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/blogging Thought you all might enjoy this. :)

From Despair.com
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Loving the Vacation https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/loving-vacation
Every Mai Tai should be served in a glass like this!


Caught this humpback off the lanai last night,
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Monday Maui https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/monday-maui

Enjoying our suppers on the lanai

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Happy Birthday Dad https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/happy-birthday-dad Dad passed away April 2011. He would have been 87 today.

I am sure as Dad sat here with his buddies at Keith Jones restaurant in Los Angelas in 1945, he had no idea that he would enjoy over 63 years of marriage to his first love, produce 7 children, 13 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren with 2 more on the way.

Missing him dearly.

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More Maui https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/more-maui The day started with a spectacular rainbow off our lanai which stayed through breakfast. 
Maui is a beautiful place.

The day ended with macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi and a mango chutney. 

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Maui Day 3 https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/maui-day-3  Day started out with a long walk to the south - over an hour and a half - just discovering the place. 

The sunrise behind the condo 

Love this flower. It is going to make a beautiful backdrop for the photo book.  


Turtles off the lanai this afternoon

Humpback whales off the lanai this afternoon. 


When a humpback hits the water the splash can be seen for miles. 

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Maui Day 2 https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/maui-day-2
 The Mahi Mahi was fantastic! But we are all pretty tired and still adjusting to the time change... or maybe it is just that ocean air and the sound of the waves that puts us to sleep.... or the wine. 
 The pool and the beach down below. 
The moon over the island of Lana'i this morning at 5 am.... cruise ship on the horizon - maybe that is why I am so tired. :)

And the perfect end to a beautiful day in Hawaii - the guys doing the dishes shirtless! 
It was Linda's idea.... I concurred. 

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Maui https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/maui The things we love about Hawaii....
the fresh seafood
the smell, the sound and the views of the ocean
romantic sunsets
each other ;)

 See that big guy on the right? We are eating him tonight - well some of him. His name is Mahi Mahi. That is his little buddy Yellowfin Tuna beside him. We were eyeing him up as the fishermen brought him in. David got talking to another tourist and they decided to share him so he was cut up into about 30 steaks (15 each) ...... We will BBQ him tonight. mmmmmm Here's the plan - Macadamian nut Crusted Mahi along with home made avocado salsa and chips and coconut shrimp.

 the place

 The view- 8th floor. That's Moloka'i Island in the distance. 

 Last night's sun sets between the islands of Lana'i and Moloka'i

Lunch.....Mahi's cousin....Ahi

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Cheetah vs Hyundai Veloster Turbo https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/cheetah-vs-hyundai on a 365 group I belong to is Brad Johnson, a professional videographer/producer, who has been working on "behind the scenes" videos of the recent Hyundai commercials that will air on the Superbowl tomorrow.
Here is one of the commercials followed by Brad's "behind the scenes" video.

[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) videos https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/2/cheetah-vs-hyundai Sat, 04 Feb 2012 15:12:00 GMT
A Day With Miss Eva https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/day-with-miss-eva
Miss Eva came for a sleepover. We had a blast and she was happy as can be. Okay we didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night because Eva is particularly fond of sleeping with Grandma and Grandpa but we had great fun at the Farmers Market - ice sculptures and petting zoo too.


[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) Eva Sophia https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/day-with-miss-eva Sat, 28 Jan 2012 20:37:00 GMT
OBSESSION https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/obsession

Well it is up on kindle and worth a read. And when you are finished reading it, do leave a comment on kindle for this young Saskatchewan author.
[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/obsession Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:25:00 GMT
Saskatoon Photography Newborn https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/saskatoon-photography-newborn Welcome Sloan. A very special gift for Aaron and Alicia. There is much joy in this family ~ a healthy full term precious daughter. God is good.

 I love this photo below because I know how much Alicia went through to have this precious gift in her arms. Her rainbow is here and she is healthy. Blessing upon blessings!

Photos are all up in Sloan's gallery on the web site. HERE
Sorry password protected for family and friends only. 
[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) photography Saskatoon Saskatchewan newborn https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/saskatoon-photography-newborn Wed, 11 Jan 2012 18:21:00 GMT
More Smokin' https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/more-smokin
Since David is away this week it seemed an opportune time to burn some incense. :)
Your interpretations?
I see a crustation or two and something yelling at me, but that's about all. You all have much better imaginations then I have. Especially you Cindy! and Angie! I just play with light and camera.
So let me know what you see.

[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/more-smokin Tue, 03 Jan 2012 19:12:00 GMT
ThreeSixtyFive 2011 https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/threesixtyfive-2011

[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/threesixtyfive-2011 Mon, 02 Jan 2012 21:24:00 GMT
Brand New! https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/brand-new This beautiful bundle arrive last week and I got to photograph her when she was yet 20 hour old.
She is very special. I shot Alicia and Aaron's engagement photos last March. You can read about their special story there. And their pregnancy shoot HERE

Welcome Sloan!

Sue Willett (CD shoot) HR-012
 Auntie Erinn
Katie Bennett 048
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Happy New Year https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2012/1/happy-new-year

"We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day."               Edith Lovejoy Pierce
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Merry Christmas! https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/merry-christmas
[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/merry-christmas Sun, 25 Dec 2011 20:27:00 GMT
Grandpa's shoulder https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/grandpas-shoulder ....irresistible

click on photo to see larger
[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/grandpas-shoulder Thu, 22 Dec 2011 10:08:00 GMT
In the Bleak Mid Winter https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/in-bleak-mid-winter

Give Jesus your heart this Christmas.
It's the best gift you will ever receive. 
[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) Christ Jesus Christmas https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/in-bleak-mid-winter Tue, 20 Dec 2011 00:26:00 GMT
Direct Client Funding https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/direct-client-funding
[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/direct-client-funding Sun, 18 Dec 2011 18:19:00 GMT
Yupiq Eskimo Village of Quinhagak https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/this-video-from-small-yupiq-eskimo This video from the small Yupiq Eskimo Village of Quinhagak, Alaska, was a school computer project intended for the other Yupiq villages in the area.  Much to the villagers' surprise, nearly a million people have viewed it.
5th graders creatively having fun with Hallelujah and entertaining close to 1 million people on YouTube in the process. Love it.

[email protected] (Julie Cortens Photography) video https://www.juliecortensphotography.com/blog/2011/12/this-video-from-small-yupiq-eskimo Tue, 13 Dec 2011 16:54:00 GMT